Jewellery Collection & Organisation, How To Organise Jewellery In Budget

 If You have been hanging to my blog for a while you must have seen my previous Jewellery Organizing posts HERE

 So Couple of Months ago I decided to reorganize my Jewellery In Singapore, as always mentioned I do not want to spend a zillion dollars to organize stuff of home,makeup or jewellery as I will be leaving Singapore some day and everything will just be waste of Money!!

Here is my before and after Pic of How I organized My Jewellery Collection In Singapore, back in Indian my Jewellery Collection was organized in totally different ways as shows above.

 The Pink organizers are to organize your any stuff, you can also use these as Pink makeup organizers (previously I was organizing my makeup in these) .
I bought all the Pink Jewellery organizers in Singapore.
The Earring organizer was SGD $5 = Rs242.24 INR  .
The Rest of The cute Pink Jewellery Organizers are from Daiso Japan for SGD $2 each= 96 INR.

The Orange 3 tier tray stand was from a Local store in Singapore for SGD $10 = 484.49 INR.

Some of the jewellery pieces are still kept in the Soufeel boxes as I received them, I feel they are more secure in there.

The red boxes are the boxes from the shopping (packaging stuff that I used here for organizing instead of throwing them away).

I seriously need to buy a lot of stuff that I have in plan , but then I need to settle at one place for it, if not place at least a Country!! so that shifting can be done easily.  

I hope this was helpful to you in some way.

What are your Jewellery organising tips ?


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