January 20, 2014

How To Get Flat Tummy Post- Pregnancy Abdominal Care

 Had a Fabulous day today with my cute lil family, now its late night just going to be midnight, I was lazying around the bed with my samsung Galaxy S III and reading some old tweets of mine, & then just looked some random blogs on Belly Bandit, as I am using it since long, and some questions in mind again!!

So surprisingly I came across some Indian random (not random Blogger actually) blogger's facebook page (somehow reached there) and then realised there is so much hatred and issus created on her FB, I just felt may be she is immature or may be this is her way to get attention to her blog.

But in both ways I don't feel this is going to help her in anyways!! SO I just left her page, by the way who wants to get into mess in such a busy ,stressful life isn't it ? Life is already so hectic we are here for some time and we should better laugh out loud then bothering on silly issues!!

I did some room decor shopping today, got some pillows & curtains , not that I didn't had them already, but because I wanted a change, I didn't know I was bored of my old stuff so was willing to do some home decor shopping, living abroad is big issue when it comes to shopping because you always worry of hoarding stuff that you may leave here when you go back to home land.

Anyways, I also did some random stuff shopping and at the end of the day was so tired that landed up In Mac Donald's for dinner.
(a) I was very hungry .
(b) I haven't had any burger from months as I am dieting and I am on healthy diet . So I thought today a bit of cheating will not do any harm and will also do some justice to my taste buds :)

Thus is a random pic , this is what I wore today for the shopping, I am inlove with color balck these days !!

Please note the pic is taken in my phone, and I didn't knew that I will be sharing it on my blog, just decided to share now :) . Also its, 8 Months post par tum after giving birth to my baby boy.

Don't forget to checkout my recent video :)How To Get Flat Tummy Post- Pregnancy Abdominal Care

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  1. You look super hot as alwaya

  2. wow u look fab... :) m also using the belt n i agree that it really helps alot :)

    1. Thanks @Neha... since how long u r using it ?

  3. You look awesome and I’m glad that you are inspiring readers like me to do better and to value fitness. I made a decision last week to shed the extra 10 pounds for my brother’s wedding in 2 weeks. I’m glad I did the 3 Day Military diet because it gave me the motivation I needed to lose weight. I learned how to practice portion control and to count calories with the set meals that was included in the plan. The food selection was inexpensive and wholesome as well. If you want to make a review of the diet, here’s a great resource page http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/faq/multivitamins.html


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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