January 19, 2014

Happy new Year, A New Life, Chit Chat, Life In Singapore

 Hey Guys,

 A big Hi to all of you, I have been pretty much on and off from my writing habit,
 Probably all of you by now know that I gave birth in India to my lovely cupcake son, I have been regularly Blogging my Youtube channel SuperPrincessjo but missed a lot of updates in here.

To be honest I lost some interest In Blogging as I can directly talk to you guys through my Youtube Channel .

But in the recent few days I realised that I have this Big craving to share much more that I am not able to share on time through the Videos, so I am going to be sharing in here from now.

Today I had this bad itchiness to shop online but then I reactivated my ebay account did a lot of search and couldn't find hat I was looking for -

In My Shopping List :

  • Anna Sui design Pink / white makeuporganiser set (I found a black one for SGD30 in Alice Singapore) but there were no white or pink so I am looking for that.

  • I also need a Fur / Faux fur  blanket.

  • A Cute Pink rug.

  • A Eiffel Tower Wall Decor (there is a big long story behind it, I will tell you secretly later )

So this is what I am loking for, If you guys know any ebay shop, amazon, or etsy seller who sells all these please do let me know.

I will love you till death for it :)

Here is glimpse of what I have been doing (My baby and singing lullabies )  lately & the best part is its the best feeling to be a mom.

So see you more often :)

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  1. Hi jo, very nice pic.... :) m also a momy of 9month old baby n i can easily relate with u coz these days m spending my full time in taking care of him n hardly getting time for myself.... ;)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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