January 30, 2014

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I think this is the first clothing HAUL after a really long time that I am sharing here, also this is important as its after a long time that I went shopping alone, well not literally, my cute cupcake was with me :) He was areal good boy and didn't trouble me at all, I gave him his bottle feed and my breastfeed and few kisses :) and thats all....the lil cupcake sat on his baby stroller all the time happily looking at the cars passing on the road he loves cars and headlights on vehicles,also the store ladies and the random people (girls) kept playing with him and they kept him engaged smiling. I really have the cutest cupcake boy he just smiles at everybody who tries to talk to him .

So, firstly to clarify I did not go out to shop!!! I went out to buy some other Important stuff that I will blog later....

But then I saw this shop called COTTON ON in the mall, and I realized this shop has existed there in that small corner of the mall since long and I never noticed it.

So I got very excited and tempted to look inside, and I noticed that white top with little hearts print....... (shown right in the below pic)

I just went in looked at the sizes, and found the XXS size, took it tried it and it fitted so well that I decided to buy it and wear this Valentine's Day 2014.

The Rose gold bracelet was kept in the box with label - nothing more then $20 SGD - RS 980 INR.

But there was another paper label which said $1. When I tried it ,it fitted well too, and usually I have problems with rings and bracelets as they never fit me well on my tiny hands. So I selected this peice as well.

I also later picked 3 Tank tops as I am in love with leggings these days they are so comfy when you use them during your weight loss journey.I chose the color Black,Aquamarine,& Apricot.

And The scarfs were so pretty I totally loved the lil hanging on them so I finally decided to pick one of the Apricot color one ( Kept back another one I picked as it coasted $15 each) so thougth to use one first if I like it so much come again to buy :)

here are more of the clothing pics to look at, The aquamarine tank top is a long top compare to the other too, I am going to wear these mix and match ways, everything here can we worn mix and matched and that the best thing about my this CLOTHING HAUL.

I didn't pick leggings as I already have few, secondly they didn't had my size leggings!!

Later I ordered a Grey color legging with baby feet prints on it from online, which i will  share once I get it, I just can not wait to loose some weight and get into these sexy dresses :) and wear the cute baby feet print legging that I am waiting so badly :)

Total Bill was SGD 452.40 = Rs 2569.37 INR. 
Some things were on sale and some on full price but I loved my random shopping and think I got a good deal .

What are your random shopping tips & experiences...

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  1. Heyy princess I'm the bigg bigg bigg biggest fan of yours...i wanna be your friend I live in India..

  2. Hey Princess!! This is my first time at your blog. And I am really loving your cute cute blog design. I browsed through your posts and find it super interesting. :) :)
    All the outfits are lovely but the one i love the most is that heart printed top.. I too need the same!! :)

    Valentine's day dress ideas 2014 :

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, I love u like the blog design I am so happy to see you hear :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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