Best Dressed Celebrity,Grammys 2014 ,Katy Perry Makeup ,How To Do Katy Perry Grammys Makeup Look


Who else is excited For Grammys 2014 ? I tried to recreate Katy Perry's  Makeup for my today's makeup!! The Makeup Tutorial will be up soon on my Makeup Channel HERE !!! 


What are your faourite or worst dressed celebrities at 2014 Grammys?

I Just loved Katy Perry - Her Makeup Dress & Hair.
Lorde-Her Lipstick .
Rita Ora her purple eye makeup.

I will be doing the makeup tutorial on these Grammys makeup looks so perfect !!

Oh Ya , you saw Madonna? she looked totally out of the Grammys mood ,I mean that dress /suit she wore If I have to vote one worst dressed celebrity at Grammys 2014 I will definitely vote for Madonna !!! Even if her son chose her dress it wasnt good enough!! (my lips closed now :P )

What were your favorite & worst looks of 2014 Grammys ?

I just loved her Look & the Music sheet Print Gown , The Best dressed celebrity at #Grammys....


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