I Gave Birth- A Little Hi- international giveaway !!

 So , I missed you guys, and I checked 110 messages today when I logged in to my blog after 3 months !!! Oh yes time flies I just can't believe last one year and the whole of 2013 so far has been so busy for ne and so many things happening in life that I don't realise when it's day or night . I infact sometimes forget the month and days !!!

Let's jump into the Most Exciting news

I Gave Birth !! The best phase of my life has just begun. Motherhood choose me and I am enjoying every bit of it, the tiny lil bundle of joy is sleeping next to me when I am entering this blog post at midnight...

My nights are longer and Days are shorter, I am learning everything this new beautiful role of being mother bought me.

The joy is wonderful and its my top most priority for all my life.

Now I have 2 handsome men in my Life!!

My husband and My new born cupcake son. They both make me so happy and I feel so blessed to have this beautiful family that I always dreamt of....

Quickly to mention if you follow me on Facebook and Tweeter you know the lil part of my random life I share every once in a while .

I was still doing my Youtube videos throughout my pregnancy !!

I currently have a ongoing international giveaway. Please check that as well.

I shall continues with the new blog posts soon :)

Till then tata ... :-)

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  1. Congratulations on your journey into motherhood,wishing you and your hubby all the best. Stay blessed<33

  2. Congrates sister i understand u r busy schedule with u r new champ Lot of love to both take care bye

  3. hey congratulation dear..and god bless you both..now he complete your life. and i know after holding your son you feel more proud, mature and responsible woman. share your golden moment with us too..love to see him....bye take care...


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