March 03, 2012


 Hey Princesses , I know I have been missing for 2 weeks :) The reason being My 1 week vacation in Singapore.
I have been busy shopping, exploring Singapore and Celebrating My Happy Birthday :))

I have filmed quite a few videos and some Blog posts as well in the mean while.

The days been just amazing exploring this new place , I have been enjoying like hell,
And after all I have been crazy like hell :)

Here is one of  The outfit of the Day pics , this spring 2012 fashion is all about bold and bright colors  and I am just loving the experiments with these colors, the other day I visited the FOREVER 21 store in Orchard road Singapore in ION mall :) and picked these clothing from there for my Birthday.

This is one of the dresses That I picked for my Birthday, I may feature it in the Birthday Clothing HAUL as well on my YouTube :)

so here are the pics, Pics speak for themselves :))