September 06, 2012


For all the girly girl stuff , the things I always wanted to do, I have been searching for a Shop where I can buy a Lot of DIY (do it yourself) craft stuff for my crafting needs.

I have been a craft loving person always (I am sure it is all because of my mum , she is amazing in all these stuff, so good).

The last time I made some craft stuff was years ago when I made few pillows, table clothes, and teddy bears.

Everything is at my Mom's place , and will be there always as it all reminds her of me :) She will never give it to me, I know this :))  lol.... 
But Next time I go to visit My Parents I shall at-least click some pictures of my art work :)

So after a Lot of research , and YES I mean a lot of research, I finally found a Shop which carries everything I ever dream of.

Remember my Arab street wandering ?? Post HERE 

I was out for a purpose, A serious purpose :) And here is what I found, after talking to so many shopkeepers and walking in Hot Sun a couple of hours. But at the end it was fruitful (Or As my Hubby says :-- Bag full . lol.... )

YES ,  I took these pictures Inside the shop : WITH the owners Permission , she was a Jolly lady, I love when the shopkeepers are good and helping.

Who doesn't love a Good Customer service ?? by the way !!

So here In my Way Inside of the store and craft supplies


Here is the pretty Lady owner, I loved talking to her .... Oh yes she is Packing my shopped craft stuff...

                                          NO REFUND , NO EXCHANGE, NO BARGAIN !!

So better check everything before you buy, and make sure to carry the stuff along with which you wanna match other stuff like, pearls, laces, zippers etc....

 They also carry beauty tools along with the craft stuff, that's like Cherry On top of your cup cake :) So pleased and happy

This is My shopped stuff, I shall do another Open Shopping bag post later : But you can still see, some beads,eye lashes and ribbons in my shopping bag.

This is the huge bag she gave me with the shopped stuff, Their carry bag, I can use it again for shopping and save some plastic use !!

                  Here are their Visiting card: with details :) All details on here !!
They sell all sewing accessories, Curtain accessories  , Garment accessories , Lace, buttons, ribbon, cord, bead,elastic,thread,trimming etc etc...

                                                              Outside/ Entrance of the Shop !!

On the way back home I went to "Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple serangoon road" This is one of the most beautiful Temple in Singapore build by Tamil Hindus (of Indian origin).
Do you know ??? :- There are more then 80 Hindu (Indian) Temples in Singapore ??

And Here is Me : A little( Half OOTD) :) 
Wearing :
  • A stripes Tee from shoppers stop
  • Levis 3/4 Capri Jeans
  • Nine west hand bag
  • Metro flat sandals (I wear Flats most of the time on Shopping days) better to be prepared in advance :)
  • And the Huge shopping bag with me :)
  • I love this RED glitter Nail Polish so much and The GELISH is doing so good from 3 weeks .

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  1. ohh girl...i wish i live in Singapore :)))))))..a lots of stuff to buy:)llove ur shopping

    1. Oh yes you should definitely come here , you will love it :)

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  2. Hi! Do they sell items that are used to make bracelets? Like jump rings, pendants,etc?

  3. Hi! Do they sell items that are used to make bracelets? Like jump rings, pendants,etc?

    1. Oh dear I Don't think I saw any of these at their shop, may be not !!

    2. Hi, do you know where to find shops that sell items used to make bracelets?

  4. Do they sell needles, like felting needles? Or a string that is like plastic but can tie into knots to make a bracelet? Thanks. (;

  5. Hello! May I know how to trave there? Like what mrt? :) thanks :)

  6. do they sell colourful and long straws for making stars?

  7. It is really nice post and i like to read this article cheap wristbands thank you for sharing

  8. And you write about YKK ;-) I work for them in London.

  9. And you write about YKK ;-) I work for them in London.

  10. Hi , do they sell threads to made friendship bracelet ?

  11. Where is the address of the shop?

    1. It's all in the business card. 796 & 798 North Bridge Road, and 200 Jalan Sultan.

      I'm not just typing it for you. I'm typing it because text gets better SEO coverage online than pictures, and this store could use all the publicity it gets.

  12. Hey Super Princess Jo!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for this post and all the pictures you shared with us! Having just moved to Singapore, it's been extremely difficult to find any supplies for DIY projects that DON'T cost a ton of money - and your post provided me with just that :) I truly appreciate the photos - they told me everything I needed to know - and I'll definitely check out the two stores.
    I think it's quite terrible that most of the comments demand answers that you shouldn't be expected to know about (let alone answers they could find out by giving the store a call), but that is my opinion. I'm going to read your other posts now, but just wanted to say thanks again and have a lovely day!

  13. Hi ,

    I need YKK Vislon 10 VF,15VF, zipper with runners, is it available with you. qty - 1000 Mtrs.

  14. Hi ,

    I need YKK Vislon 10 VF,15VF, zipper with runners, is it available with you. qty - 1000 Mtrs.

  15. Hi there,

    Do you do service of sewing broken zipper on a fred perry sling bag?


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)