July 25, 2012

Shoe Pads Padding for Shoes

remember this Shoe Pic shown before HERE?

How many of you noticed the shoe gel padding inside my shoes??

I noticed it after clicking the shoe pic , and realised the shared the pic with the shoe padding!!

Well If you live and die for shoes, and change your shoes everyday !! You must be a shoe lover and must ne aware that to fit into all the shapes and sizes of the shoe , you also need some adjustments some times and some sacrifices sometime !!


 Ignore the dirt on the pads as I use them very often and cant help it from getting dirty, in this summer weather !!

Rubber Shoe Pads

 They are the great alternative for the gel pads, being cheap and easily available every where (specially in India in all shoe dealers shop).

How to use Shoe Pads:
Gel:Remove the Plastic sticker which has Glue behind to stick the Padding to the shoe sole (Inside)
Rubber:  Just slide them Into the shoes and put your feet in.

Types Of Shoe Pads:

  1. Shoe Heel Pad
  2. Gel Front Cushion
  3. Heel grip
  4. Shoe Lace Grip
  5. Comfort Stickers
  6. Anti slip Sole

Whats the Good points:
Provides cushioning for the hard sole shoes
Provides perfect Fit to the shoe
Carry in your Purse
Super light weight
Can be used in many shoes
Easily available

Bad points:
If you wear very tight shoes, ( shoes becoming too tight after shoe padding) you will get blisters in feet, so be carefull on the thickness of the shoe padding.
Can not be washed, very messy. So better try to be away from mud and dust .
No shock absorption.

Overall, My life is dependent on these shoe pads since years I have to slip in some pads for comfort and fit always, I remember The first time I found one of these rubber Shoe pads In one of the Indian shops I was finding it really weired, and was wondering How will it feel with something inside your shoe !!!

But to my surprise, they have always been super comfortable, I always take some extra shoe pads whenever I buy new shoes, because I know i will need them in one or the other shoe!!

 I hope you enjoyed these Tips on how to make your shoes fit properly and be comfortable.

What padding do you use ?? ;)

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