SaSa Cosmetics limited edition mini nail polish set

I had picked this Limited edition Made in France, Mini nail Polish set from SaSa cosmetics few months ago!!

The reason being simple I wanted few colors in my collection as I did not carry a lot of nail polishes here with me, Since It was a limited edition set and I saw few shades of Pink in it , I bought it !!

The One of the nail Polishes broke in the plastic bag itself before I could use it !! I got them from the store (which is just 10 minutes) away from where I live! and then just kept them few hours at home, later to realize that 1 of the nail polishes just busted / broke inside the pack !!!

SaSa Cosmetics limited edition mini nail polish set Pictures:

This thing really freaked me out !! and the cleaning process later and dealing with glass was so risky, but I had to clean the other 5 out of the broken glass pieces and spread-ed nail polish !!! :/
What a Bad quality packaging . NO DOUBT!

Cute Packaging
 6 colors to try on


Some of the Mai polish Brushes are very uneven
the bottles ate too delicate break easily
except 2 (PINK & RED ) the other 3 nail polishes doeskin cover up nails even in 3 applications.
The Brush handle is too small and round , unconfortable whie application, fingers start paining !!

PRICE:  SGD $6.90 at SaSa Cosmetics store.

I still use the pink in it which is very pretty and matte stays longer for 3-4 days with using regular water on hand !!

Have you ever had such experience of broken cosmetics ??

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  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    they are sooo cute

  2. cute containers

  3. they are so so so cute !!May i know do you write blog for others. If u, can you write blog For Viviana (Cosmetic brand).We provide you a beauty gift hamper from Viviana .if you are interested please contact me at this email id

  4. you should pack your cosmetics during going in a cautious way. A few items can spill in an awful manner. This spilling of cosmetic packaging boxes can take as much time as necessary for cleaning.


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