July 05, 2012

ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama & The Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes Look

OK , so I have been a Fan of ELF cosmetics since years, not because they are affordable and the cheapest cosmetic line available, but also because they have regular sale going on throughout the year.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will always be updated before time for the new products and the upcoming sale .

Every girl loves sale ... Don't we?? ;)

ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama , is a great palette , with 4 eye shadows, 3 eye-shadows are shimmery (Black, grey,silver)  and 1 matte eyeshadow (white).

Checkout the great swatches on my wrist and the Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Look using this palette !!!

And the silver and the white shadows are my favorite from this palette!

                         ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama  -Pictures

Kim Kardashian Inspired Black Smokey Eye Look

Eye Brightening
Good Blending
4 colors

Shimmers are too big sometimes.
Should be careful while application so that the eye shadow doesn't fall into the eyes, especially the big chunks of shimmer/glitter particles.

PRICE: $3 SGD , in Singapore . ($1 in USA) .

I Bought it from a flea market in United square mall Singapore from the online store called smoochiezz spree HERE.   
If you are in Singapore and looking for some makeup not available in your near by locality check them out, But i must let you know the prices are higher then the actual prices ;))

Yes, the prices are higher you heard it right !! that's what we pay for when you live in a small Island where everything is Imported :D

have fun!!

PS: I am on sick leave today as well, got fever and infection, so the doctor gave me MC (medical certificate) its raining like hell here from past 3 days, last night was damn scary with thundering and orange sky at midnight!!!  , its sexy and romantic but sometimes I get scared what if there is a natural calamity ??? Well ,lets not think of that. It's just Good-morning here , and have a nice day or night wherever you are ..... 

Whats you easy and cheap , favorite drug store makeup ?

Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me a comment Below I respond to them sooner I can. Love SuperPrincessjo


  1. I just bought my first ELF eye shadows like these but in Pretty in Pink. The one you got is very pretty though- nice vid.

    1. thanks, yes the pink one is too pretty and you play too well with eye shadows :) thanks <3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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