I have added few tabs to my blog on top of the blog banner, for easy access to my blog, I hope you like it.

NOTE: My blog is under construction so you will find some changes happening every now and then, if you find something new and wonder , I never spoke about it before just remember it is just the temporary stuff, and may change again!!

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as well.

Yes!!  I know , that I could not blog for a month daily, that promise is already broken :-/
But  promises are meant to be broken right ???
Just Kidding....

Long story cut short , I realized while doing 30 days challenge  posts HERE that My blog is on wrong time zone, and that is because I moved places, but my blog is still on the old time zone!!!

So that's why even when I blogged each day, one fine day I noticed it showed me I missed out one day... That freaked me out !!

And the story began ...from then to find out why? why? why?  I missed one day, and then I missed the next 3-4 days as well, constructing some new tabs and trying to research on blog time zone.

But I did Blog for half a month regularly/ daily !! ;) 

And then yesterday I became Hot!!!    lol just kidding.........
 I mean I got fever so I totally got out of track but lying on bed today I still dream of doing so many things ....

Things Like...
Buying a new android phone....
Getting My hair Colored
And finding a domestic helper for a less cost !!!

Well, I know I am so restless because at present I don't know when will I get all these, but hopefully I can try to sleep and take some rest now...



Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me love, comment Below I love reading them.
Take care SuperPrincessjo


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