June 13, 2012

Summer Makeup Look

 Lets break-down the summer eye makeup today which I Wore in this Post HERE

Though I have not done a step by step tutorial for this eye makeup. but due to requests I thought to share the products I used for this "summer eye makeup look".

I just realized that for some reason I forgot to smile in the pictures.. :-D  ...

Here are the closeup pics of the summer MAKEUP Look:--

Products Used :---

Eye Makeup palette:-- BH Cosmetics 3rd edition eyeshadow palette. shown HERE
Lips: NYX cosmetics cream lip gloss (its actually very dry so preferable wearing a lip balm underneath is must) also shown HERE
Nail Polish : Three Beauties ,neon Blue.
Blush: 10 blush Palette from Coastal scents.
Face: Revlon Foundation Also posted HERE
Face: MAC studio fix powder foundation.
Eye lashes:- REVLON Mascara
Water line :MAC eyelinear shown HERE
Upper eyelid: LAKME eyelinear.
Eye brows:-Gabrini eye brow 104 pencil
Watch More of The fun Summer Look Videos HERE

Enjoy the outfit of the day Video below, where I realized after going out in hot sun for an hour of filming that I forgot to put the Sunscreen, and so I got 2 Pimple gifts from harsh sun!! 

So I am using my The Body shop's Tea tree blemish fade night lotion !!!

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below,
Take care


  1. love this look i copied it ;P ahahah u looking like a goddess of the forest love u =) <3

    1. thanks honey i like the name "godess of forest" so inspiring :)

  2. So colorful and pretty! I like your flower headband! :D



love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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