June 21, 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Makeup

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Makeup.....

I have been hauling a lot recent time, just passing by a store I picked up some of the stuff.And some are really Planned....

Since summer is already here I have been more happier then ever .
I really wanted to buy some high end skin care brands because the sun is realy harsh in this part of the world.
I was confused between SK II and Shiseido White Lucent range , but after testing both at the counter, I bought Shiseido , also due to the Great Singapore sale I got a offer pack with the Cleanser,softner, Serum,cotton pads and Sunscreen.

At the MAC counter along with the MAC Hey ,Sailor! Collection I also Bought their best selling Eye Makeup Brushes which are so expensive but I have been eyeing them since long.

Since its summer I will be tieing my hair up more often then usual .So I also bought the hair Bumpits for different hair looks.

To Keep in the Purse for sunny summer days I bought these HANDS & FACE moist wipes.

I did say in my last MAYBELLINE Post HERE I may not buy the Maybelline BB creame again, But I did Buy The NEW launched  Maybelline creame SPF50 ANTI UV

Here are some FACE masks for the refereshing skin and face for summer weekends :) I am just loving my skin lately so much...

Some lighter eye lashes so that they don't look too much fake for sunny day wear .....

Here is a Gift of LOVE from my love my hubby <3 ..... TheVintage Gourment Fossil watch, I just love my other FOSSIL watch so this gift is just amazing I can change and wear :)

Look thise bee hives kinds look, this is my latest face cleaner , How I use it will let you know soon..

And here are my most desired summer bright nail colors with other cosmetics I have been eyeing on

I am love with Coastal scents Produts for their pigmentation so I picked up this 10 Blush palette so much In love with this.....

I Also picked the Loreak PLUM lipstick this looks so pretty in real along with the MAYBELLINE NEW YORK color blossom peach lip balm.

This is the the Few of the Makeup and Skin care products I have HAULED recently, This is a lot of investment to my collection, though the wallet pinched a bit but I am happy with everything I picked so so much.....

I have already started using them, so will be reviewing them all one by one.

If you have any particular questions about anything do let me know, I would love to reply :)

What have you HAULED for this Summer ??

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. wow nice haul Jo.... :) <3

  2. Hi there nice posts! Where can i get neon nail polish like the pink one?

    1. Its from a brand called 3 beauties of london :) you can check for it, in Singapore its available In Mustafa center and Aries Singapore


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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