June 26, 2012

Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette Review, swatches,pictures

It contains 4 matte finish and 6 satin finish blush and brozers . The colors are easily blendable an super
pigmented. This is my favourite blush so far in a box. It carries 10 bluses which makes makeup so handy and it
is very much travel friendly.
I do not have to worry to carry a lot of cases for the blushes.
It comes in a black matte case. Some of the blushes are very powdery so I need to be careful while picking and
applying on cheeks. I use this palette almost everyday and it lasts 8-9 Hrs on my face. this is definitely a
great palette to experiment with different colors on your skin.

The only thing that pinches me is that I paid $25 SGD for this palette as I bought it in singapore from a
website which sells the wholesale makeup , they bring the makeup from USA here and sell them at there own cost
Wish I could have tried ebay !! and saved some dollars !!! on it.
Not to mention when you try experimenting there will be some of the colors that you use more often ten the
others. there are 1-2 blushes which are too chalky and powdery and they do not last and show up on my skin tone. the dark orange and brown is my favourite in this palette.
Here are the Pictures and swatches :-

these blushes do not have any name so I just swatched them randomly.

Other Coastal scents prouct I love HERE

What are your thoughts on this palette ?

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  1. Great review hun. I think this palette is great for beginners.They are very pigmented.

  2. it's awesome palette
    I would love to try it
    great review


  3. I officially want that palette! I'm a new blogger, feel free to follow me back=)

  4. nice colors!
    hugs from germany:)



love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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