May 30, 2012


I hope you lovely ladies doing well as always, I have been to "The Body SHOP" store at the Novena Square Singapore today, and I got so tempted to pick up some skin care products.

I have been running out of the skin care products lately so I had to drop-in to The Body Shop after 3 months today to add some new stuff to my desk.

These are the products that I picked:-

Face scrub Seaweed
cleansing firming skin cleanser
Gift Bag skin care Tea Tree
Brush Slanted
Reusable Bag hearts shape
Body wash love etc
Bath shower oil Argan & ORA

Total bill came to SGD 67.64.

I will do the individual product posts later.
Its summer time here so I need to take care of my skin with lil extra effort :)

Hope you enjoying the summer too...

If you need anymore details let me know.

I am uploading the HAUL video on my YouTube 

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. Awesome goodies !!! :) that seaweed scrubber i heard is really good :)

    1. Thanks hun, i always tried tea tree stuff before, bought seaweed for the first time its a weekly scrub will post my experience after few weeks of use... :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)