February 12, 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trend -Animal Rings HAUL

 Last time on my vacation to India for New Year celebration, I had fun shopping at the Changi International airport Singapore .

I came across this store at the airport which sells these Animal Rings since I was running out of time, so I qiuickly picked the Rings just took my attention at first glance.

Here is My Jewellery HAUL pics.... AND the STORY BEHIND......



I am in so much love with all these 3 Rings , I had pick many rings that Night .

But My younger sweet sis took all of it away from me,

She saying:-- Dii you can buy again right ??? in Singapore?? I dont get them easily here ...
Me:- ohh..Ok....take them ( Inside feeling damn I am loosing them !! :/)

Well I picked a very beautiful golden Owl with rhinestones that looks absolutely STUNNING..
But you know right ??? Sister's LOVE ??? ;))

I gave that away to my sis , and still have my heart on it .... lol...

Here is One of the random pictures that I took in my car while staying in INDIA with her :)
Just thought to share the 2 other rings that I HAULED  but they are her's now :))


HER WATCH RING (It shows the correct time)  AND MY OWL RING

She has the pretties hands in this world , isn't it?? :)
By the way did you notice her Belt??? her animal print belt??? I have my eye on that :P

Do you love animal rings?? 

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. I love it all!! and the nails too!

  2. thanks i did the nails myself :)

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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