February 13, 2012


 This is My favourite color of Lipstick, I usually do not wear lot of lipsticks, as I am a Lipgloss girl!

But lip-glosses can't give you that dark colors, that I desire sometimes for the Night Indian Functions (specially the Punjabi family function :)

This Dark pink is my all time favorite lip color and this is one among the lipsticks that I have in This Dark Pink color.

My lips look bright , doesn't they ?? I just love this lipstick so I never have second thought picking the same pink color again and again.

Here are the pics of NYX LSS 521 CHLOE on my lips (swatches on lips :) )

I wore something very similar on My Big Wedding day...so you know how much I love this color...

I wanted to try it out again since I used it only once Since I bought it, so with a good mood I picked this Lipstick again....

And you know what??  See what I saw when I opened it  !!

My heart was totally shattered seeing this condition of the lipstick (which I wore only once ..... )

It just broke from the end and I wonder HOW???  how the *** (fill in the bad words urself :P )
How could this happen....

I then realised may be due to Singapore heat the lipstick melted!!! 
Yes!! This is the only thing that is coming to my mind that due to heat it melted.

There is no other way that It can break because I keep my Makeup Like my babies with so much love and care...

Well, here are the more details on it....

Made in Taiwan
Distributed by NYX LA,CA, USA.
PRICE : US $ 4.00 , IND Rs.200 (approx or less)
Availability : I bought them from Porkdaisy website HERE 
They Ship to INDIA.
Company says:--  Lip smacking Fun colors...
I say:-  I do NOT know about the Lips , but it indeed SMACK my heart....when Valentines day is tomorrow..... :O

Also they claim to be Hypo allergic and Cruelty Free cosmetics.

I got so much burning on my Lips when I wore it for the first time....
Thats the reason i did not try to pick it again...
The only reason that made me to pick again today was its lovely color, that I can not resist..

The color /lipstick is NOT long lasting, you need to apply powder and tissue to make it work for you (you know right ?? that powder -lipstick-powder-lipstick layers so that it stays for long )

Also it smells exactly  like My Coconut hair oil!!

Cruelty Free ?? may be you are cruelty free on Animals, but on Humans (me specially ) you did actually react and burn my lips!!

I have also purchased more NYX products , That I am in absolute love with.....
I will be sharing them all one my one ...

Well how many of you did actually eye on that Sweet Gel candy ??? :))

It was Yum...Yum.....Yummy......mmmmmmm........ (you know what I mean :P )

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. Beautiful shade!!! Looking great on your lips :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot :)) i love it too, sadly it broke

  3. Very Nice Shade an Lips too dear.....

  4. very nice colour..i have something similar in revlon ,wild orchid i guess..
    it looks gr8 on u jo...


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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