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This last Pic is specially to let people know that MADE IS CHINA is pride  , now a days everything everywhere in world is MADE IN CHINA ,from laptops to DSLRs to our own high-end MAKEUP brands, if you see all your products (weather it is high end brand or just a thrift-ed stuff ) checkout the labels in details more then 50% stuff will be MADE IN CHINA .
CHINA  has the power and talent to do it so appreciate do NOT criticize!!

This last few lines just reminded me the other day I posted the pics of my Flip Flops on my FACEBOOK PAGE

And the
girls says:---
                  This is made in china no ??

I said :         yes why??

Girl said :     its cheap
                   I bought many many for 100 Rs in Colaba mumbai

I said :-       Good for you ...

I had paid SG$ 7, IND Rs 360 for those flip flops , If something is made in China that doesnt mean it is always cheap !!! :)

Now pick up all your gadgets and cosmetics girls .... and the boxes ....and parts ....CHECK in details how much made in China stuff you have (you will be surprised ) . For me China rocks, the TOSHIBA satellite top model laptop I am using to write this post is also Made in China :)

So next time someone tries to INSULT you or China on the name of "MADE IN CHINA" answer them wisely ....


PRICE: SG $13.50 , IND Rs :540

AVAILABILITY: Available across Guardian, Watson and Mustafa store in Singapore and at MAYBELLINE corners across Singapore.
Launched in India as well.

What I like about this BB creme is it has smooth texture gets completely absorbed into the skin, close to my skin tone, makes skin look soft all day long, more like a tinted moisturizer, my skin feels soft and supple whole day long .It has SPF 26 so protects skin from harmful sun rays.
To an extent covers the acne scars .quick to apply.

Disappointments :My skin is combination skin so I realize at the end of the day I feel little oiliness on my skin , this BB creme does not absorb oil , The price is too high for the small 18ml tube.So I may have to give a second thought to buy it again for the same price for a small tube. I do not feel it cleared any of my acne scars.

Still the Packaging is super cute in mint tube easily can be carried on hot summer days in purse and jeans pockets (if you get lazy like me to carry purse sometimes ;) )

Have you tried it yet? what are your thoughts? or have you tried any other BB cremes yet ??

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. The quanity is pretty less so I am not purchasing it

    1. Yes Manya the quantity is very less I can finish it in 3 weeks using once daily !!

  2. I have combi skin and have the same feelings about this bb cream-it didnt do anything about acne marks or became any sort of magic balm for my skin-also the tiny quantity is preventing me from using it for everyday makeup :( nice review :)

    1. yea you are so right i felt exactly the same :) No magic !! and for the small quantity its no no for no benefit :)thanks a lot dear

  3. hey jo! Where can I find this in the states? I have tried the garnier bb's really nice..

    1. Hi Mai this was launched last year itself it has come to other parts of the world like Singapore and India now...!! I am sorry I dont know where you can buy in US but i know you can buy them online on ebay and amazon just try that out. But i still feel its not worth so much for shipping and all for such a small tube.and just 1 tube will not make much difference to the skin, but you can still try honey.I still like it.... just the quantity and price is turn off!!

    2. Thanks Jo! that is very helpful. I will check out some stuff in the states.

  4. hello madam i ve problem some pimples on my face. i need use cream on my face when i go out of. u ve knw which best cream on face??

    1. Hello Shakti, I suggest you consult a skin specialist or a beauty ad visor, know your skin type well before using creams. Everyone has different skin requirements. Goodluck.


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