January 23, 2012


 I am lil bit pissed off with myself today I thought of posting the pics of my INGLOT NAIL enamel and so I was looking for my previous INGLOT HAUL post in my blog, and.........damn it !! I can't find the HAUL post but I remember clicking pics editing and writing the blog post, so where did the post go?? that's a mystery now ......

 well that said, here are the pics of my recent love , You know it I have this crazy love for the color Pink, I even took a Pink wedding lehanga when my mom was insisting for red color , But I love pink :) but finding a color that suits your skin tone and makes you feel happy from inside is so difficult, thats why I am so happy that I am writing this post today for a Nail enamel that I am totally in love with from past few months and if can't decide which shade to wear it obvious I will wear this then.

 PRICE: Pardon me for this , as its been quite a long time since I bought it and I bought  other INGLOT stuff along with this so I do not remember the exact price I paid (this is what happens if you don't post on time I actually always forget the prices I have to make a note or save the bills for the blog post !! ) But I Definitely
remember that it was somewhere near IND Rs 500 for one nail enamel .

AVAILABILTY: I picked this one from Select Citywalk Mall Delhi.

Inglot is NOT available in Singapore yet!! but it is available in Malaysia , I have few plans in Mind , I will file for Malaysia Visa and go to Inglot to shop there new collection, will take me one full day to go and come back!! I will ask My Dad to get me some stuff I will give him the product numbers to ask the shop assistant to give him the products I need, when he visits Russia and Turkey this Year again in February so I will get the products from there, or else next time when I visit India I will get a flight Via Chennai to Bangalore so that I can pick Ingot from Chennai, or else I will soon make a plan to visit a relatives family in Delhi so that I can go back to Inglot Delhi stores !!  Phew.......  Only these plans I have in Mind till I actually pick up one plan and reach INGLOT !! I can not express in words how much I am in love with there new collection copper Gingers and gold I need each and everything from it !! But sadly INGLOT is nowhere near by me right now!!  you can check the new collection HERE

Finally by the time I finished this post I still could not find my INGLOT HAUL POST , but you can still find the related HAUL post HERE 

INSTRUCTIONS: One coat of the nail enamel gives you a nice rose pink color but 2 coats cover your nails completely (no see through ) and gives true INGLOT 824 NAIL ENAMEL color :)

P.S:-  Prices and availability of makeup is different in different countries so buy it the moment you find it !! or else you will have this unstable mind like I have right now..... ha ha ha Enjoy ;)

I hope you enjoyed! 

If you know any other ways to get hands on INGLOT let me know /comment below...?

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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