January 05, 2012

HAUL Cheap women dresses ,shoes,accessories -10dollarmall.com

 I HAULED online in December 2011 at the online store 10 dollarmall I picked up some stuff and luckily my parcel arrived (because i was really scared that I will miss it ) So the package arrived today!! I was so nervous to try out the shoes as my shoe size is 35 or size 5 (which actually doesn't fit in all brands) so I was wondering all this while weather I did a right thing ordering shoes online? well here is my package a sneak peek for you guys !!

Here are the pics...

Nothing got damaged during shipping, everything was well packed !
The total value of the items is US $80 . That's really very cheap for the so many items I picked.
I have already unpacked everything and tried all ;)

 So You can Check out the HAUL Video on 10dollarmall on My YOUTUBE CHANNEL, 
I will be posting it there :)

Meanwhile just to let you know YES!! THE SHOES FIT PERFECT!! :)  they are super comfortable and size 5 fit perfectly on my tiny feet :)

The 2 items that I loved the Most are these shoes- white heels with buckle strap & the Pink heel shoe ring organiser :)) I just love them both so rest of the items I will post in later posts :)

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. this shoe ring organizer is just so cute and glam at the same time ..


  2. Love the ring organizer...hw abt clothes ?did they actualy of the size written on them?

  3. sanorita pie:Thanks it very pretty ring organiser i loved t too, the clothes fit too, i will post deatils in next post..:)

  4. awesome haul. Did I hear you saying in the vid that u r in Singapore? If u r, we have to meet up. I am here too. Lets do a haul or just sip on coffee.

  5. Anu: yes I am in Singapore , quite new to the place :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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