January 07, 2012

Happy New Year Resolutions 2012

 I just got up from sleep and realized all these days I was thinking I can do up with out any Resolutions, I am prefect have everything I desire in Life ! But then I am sure even after that i need things that need to be followed up Like I am sometimes very forgetful and forget simple things , Like picking up a  pack of yogurt when i go grocery shopping or picking up a long wanted medicine for stomach ache!!
                                          So I am gonna write down My 2012 resolutions :
  • I am not going to use any hairstyling tools without a heat protect-ant (even when i am in hurry) I have to save my hair from it !! or else I will land up being bald.
  • Take care of Skin,hair,nails in much better ways then I was in past!! (may be buy some great products and use more natural products). I just realized these days my nails are very thin and chipping definitely its not a healthy sign.
  • EAT on Time - I have lost almost 5 Kg weight in past 3 months, due to stress and busy life, I am very lazy and choosy when it comes to food I cant eat much stuff outside here in Singapore so cook on time and eat on time is my everyday resolution now .
  • Be more patient to people who irritate me, people who just try to be smart and act foolish, people who try to harm for any reason, I will try to ignore them more this year !!
  • Have  a proper timetable for myself and STRICTLY follow it. 
  • Fix up my laptop which is not working fine these months !! because the fan underneath is not working. One day I will take it out of room to get fixed! or buy a new laptop! 
I think these are enough because if I try to make  a long list for myself I am sure I will land up not following it !! So wish me luck that I do followup all this this year and make my life more easy!! 

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. hahahah good resolutions sweetheart and i agree on every point u said especially on avoiding the idiot people hahaha:) u rockkk smuah =)

  2. Uniquestar84: thanks would like to know yours :) as well

  3. Hey Jo great new years resolutions..I have made a few for myself. I wanted to ask, as you also have a very hectic schedule..how do you set time management? I know that your married, and also full time working.

    1. Thanks a lot Mai, you made my day:) I actually just do everything on time thats it, and I sometimes do Multi-tasking like when I cook at that moment I keep Pics and videos to upload and when I watch TV or enjoy music I write blog :) and while working just work work work :)) Just do what your heart says..after few days you will get used to that routine...otherwise I am a lazy bum as well :)). Thanks so much..


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)