January 29, 2012


Today I am wearing this fabulous Crackel nail Polish from NICKA, Made in USA , bought in SaSa Cosmetics Singapore

 I love acrylic nails but never got it done on myself because as much as I love the pretty designs , equally I hate the time it takes to get it done!! I mean Imagine you are sitting 7-8 Hrs in a Salon just to get your nails done??

in that time.......I will fall asleep, I will feel hungry as well, I will get zillion of phone calls from friends , and mean while I will loose all the interest of the acrylic nail I am getting done !!

So I find more plesure in my simple nail designs that i try out other then my regular nail polishes, I wanted to try the Crackle nails ever since i saw them, but never came across one, sadly in India things are not so easily accessible !! ( They SHOULD BE actually by now ) .

The other day I just went to Sa Sa coametics with one of my girl friends who wanted to buy gel eye liner . I came across this Crackle Nail Polish even in Sa Sa cosmetics store they did not had any other Crackle nail Polish then this so I had no option then to pick this brand !!

This is how it look on my nail !!!  I have applied it on top of my COLOR COMBOS Nail Polish which I reviewed HERE.

Application: Apply it on top of any completely dried nail Polish
 Single Coat is enough and the nail polish cracks very soon as soon it dries , Secure it with a TOP Coat I use My Seche Vite TOP coat on it .

 Price : SG $ 14.90 , IND Rs: 596

Availability: SaSa Cosmetics store Velocity Mall Novena, and online at NICKA K store HERE if they
ship to you its great :) or else pay the high price like I landed up paying triple the actual price !!! Grrrrr...

Have you tried any crackle nail Polishes Yet ? what you Like or dislike about them??

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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