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September 09, 2011

Nicki Minaj Super Bass Inspired Look

Today I got Inspired By the Nicki Minaj , I really never tried any of her looks, Because i feel her style is bold, but I fell in love with this song and playing it again & again, I got inspired by her look so I thought of trying New hair, other then my natural brown hair, also, I thought of not wearing lime color, I though it will be very simple so I played more with colors, I am in Love with my  Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors eyeshadow palette I am happy with it so much that I prefer to pick it these days more often for my Looks!!

The have also filmed a makeup Tutorial on this Look , The video will be Here.

September 08, 2011

Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette

 Here is the eye look i created using this "Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette" I so love these colors, I wanted to do some color full makeup, so I took Peacock as my Inspiration for this makeup look!

 So this is the look that i created using my " Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette" and I will be posting my Review on this Palette Soon: