March 25, 2011

Sensual Exotic!!

Hey Princesses ,

hope you all are doing great,i have not been able to do a post recently as you guys know that i am busy packing for traveling but this post is special as i want to let you that i got my fav perfume again,as my old one was over a month back, and i could not get time to go shopping!! due to my busy schedule these days!

Here are the pics of my happiness!!


I loved this new packaging as it looks so very classy and i love Pink!
The Euphoria print on the satin ribbon is amazingly beautiful with the metal Calvin Klein Plate
So ,now i am not going to do the Unboxing in front of you guys here,when i opened the package the box looked as below:

The Euphoria Calvin Klein box contains:
* eau de perfume spray 50ml
* Sensual Skin lotion 100ml
* eau de Perfume  10ml

 I just love this fragrance as its so exotic fruity and seductive:) ,i dont like more of the strong frangrance, especially the men frangrances :P i mean how some men wear those strong alcoholic fragrance i hate it :P
Below is the pic of sensual skin lotion its super soft and absorbs in the skin quickly makes it supple.

And here comes the best PART i love this bottle so much that i am sure i am gonna preserve this one !I loved this boat shape bottle in silver so very classy i love it!and the spray is amazing i can wear it whole day and even stays on my clothes after wash ,really its a fact :)

 below is the pic of eau de perfume i prefer to carry such roll-on in my purse as it is so handy and lasts for a year.I guess !!as sometimes i change my perfume in between. The Ball of the roll-on is a plastic white cap and a small amount does wonders :)

Enjoy this post till my next sensual post :) I am in so much love with perfumes these days may be its my happiness that SPRING is across the corner as i don't really like winter!!
btw it snowed again here in Jersey City Last night may be half inch snow after 2 days of rain :)

Till my next post take care and dont forget to enter my international giveaway worth $231 on my YouTube Channel.

TIP:always apply perfume on a clean dry skin,avoid cuts and burns :) enjoy!

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

March 22, 2011

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