February 18, 2011

Jordana Cosmetics Review


                               Jordana Cosmetics Review
Jordana cosmetics is a 25yrs old LA,USA based cosmetics company.
It offers every woman the beauty of superior quality fashion cosmetics at extremely affordable prices. You can get a High end makeup look with close to drug store prices that;s what i think after using these products.
This cosmetic company takes extra efforts to research on the recent cosmetics color trends in market and due to this it has been a success for years and favorite of customers for years that why you can find almost every-shade and color in their wide variety.
Jordana cosmetics is distributed worldwide so wherever you go you can still get your favorite shades.

I am trying these cosmetics for more then a month and i am loving the end results the fragrance is great ,the shipping is quick,the packaging is classy,the product is completely filled in the containers and the pigmentation is awesome!

I love Jordana,here are few of the pics of the products i have been using recently for daily wera and i am loving them,check out the 2 tutorials done on these products i personally love green and i have no complaints to this company they are perfect in everything,if i dont like anything either i will never review it,keep it in my drawer or throw it,if you read my recent EccoBella review you guys know it how wild i get if i dont see the cosmetics in good shape ,range,packaging :))

So Few pics to share the products that i loved,for me they are perfect for day wear its how you blend and mix them and play to use in different occasions.

  I Got the package through first class delivery that was wrapped in huge bubble bags
Then this small cute bag that i still kept looks so girlish..isn't it?? and i love girlish stuff :)

   These are the products that i got in this bag

 Here are few nail Polish and nail art that i tried,i loved the precision brush they are so fragile and easy to use so a beginner can start learning using them!!

 Thia above and below is the final Nail art. that is kind of ok but i would like to try something else next time,something more light color,not so funky and bright.

Below are the pics of My Tropical Makeup Look!! And i really loved then everything used here is Jordana except my Remmel London foundation that i love and don't want to change at all :P

 This was my openion abouth them,i actually get and buy lot of stuff it really doesn't depends on brands always though i like higher end brands for a clean and beautiful skin but i love drug store makeup and some cosmetics that go with trendy in between the lot of cosmetics i been trying recently for different looks Jordana is one of my favorite no doubt,i hope if you guys use the same or try it in future do share with me also let me know how is this Tropical look that i did using Jordana.


So here was my small :P review on Jordana cosmetics if you guys wanna know or see something else do let me know through comments.I didn't do swatches because i have shown the most of the products in my Videos,but if you guys still want to see the swatches do let me know!!

Thanks for reading !!
Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

February 16, 2011

Gorgeous Rose Eye Makeup

I got Inspired by the Red Roses of Valentines Day
So i tried to do something fun and feminine.
Here I Used My Jordana Duo eye shadow in Yellow and green
Remmel London Liquid foundation
Revlon Compact
Wet and Wild Gel Eyeliner
Maybelline Volume 9X Mascara
Wet and Wild Red Lipstick
Zosimos Botanicals Blush in Cherry Blossom
All Brushes from Zosimos Botanicals Bamboo brushes
Madame Madeline Extreme Collection Eye Lashes.

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