December 26, 2011

MAC dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament

 First of All a Very Happy and Merry Christmas to you all, :)

I tried my "mac dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament" in 4 colors , tried to do  a nail art using them, Remember My MAC HAUL post ? which I shared a couple of days ago HERE

So here is the Pic of the Packaging and Nail Lacquers

This is what I came up with My first trial, dont know why but i just went ahead and tried this Nail art out of the Box, it took me not much time as was quick and wanted to try it desperately, lol :)

Checkout the Pics below, though they are not the best pics as i did all this at midnight, and just used my iPod to take the pics , as my Camera was packed :)

whenever i see these pics I just focus on the Nail Polishes as they are just too cute for this world :) super cute,  They do last for a very long time, last time i wore them on my Nails it stayed for 2 weeks!! thats great for me.

 The Package Includes  4 nail Lacquers : As shown in the  pics above from left to right---->


PRICE : SG $ 40, IND Rs: 1600.

I feel the Dazzlesphere collection from MAC is the perfect gift for the Holiday season the packaging is the best part it is unique and classy way packed in the future ornaments.

I will do the individual nail polish swatches in the later posts :)

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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