October 20, 2011


 I moved to Hi-Tech city,Bangalore called as Silicon valley of India, on 1st Oct :) This is the City where I did my schooling ,college and started my Professional carrier in Clinical Research, I am so Happy and excited to be back here , I fell in love for the first time in life in this City,found my soul-mate here and then got married to the handsome hunk, so I have all good memories here attached to this city, what can be more exciting and happening then living your dreams !!!!

My parents Live in This City, currently I am blogging from my Parents house :) early in the morning as I am sleepless !!! My happiness is on top of the world!!!

So I wanted to let you guys know that I Moved to Bangalore My fav City to live in India :)) and I am super excited and busy settling down. I am almost done with settling here, though busy decorating My New apartment, and enjoying the super cool culture and environment of this Hi-Tech City, and visiting My Fav hangout places with family and friends, I am soon gonna start posting Videos on My Youtube Makeup Channel 

I got so many requests to do house tour/ room tour etc etc :) so I thought today to share with you few pics of My new Apartment , I took these pics on the day we were moving to this Place, Right now I am already settled and moved in completely also i am almost done with Interior of the house !!

I love the wooden Flooring, Vitrified Flooring, ventilated sliding windows,good lighting in the house whole day, view from My balconies, I live in the heart of the City and I love the evening views from terrace and balconies.
I have started using the amenities of my apartment like GYM, Basketball court / Badminton court
Billiards table, Steam and Sauna bath :)) hopefully I will continue the GYM  and stay fit !! I love sweating out :) may be a video soon once i learn some trick and get perfect in exercising :)) on MY OTHER DAILY VLOG YouTube CHANNEL

checkout my mini tour here


Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. I love your new place, it looks very spacious :)

  2. Pyari Beauty: Thanks dear yes its huge apartment the best thing is space and light :)<3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)