September 02, 2011

Mint Nails Today!

 Nails of The day!!

I thought to share my Mint nail polish, I love this color but sadly I own only One Mint nail Polish, I have been looking for more of the mint nail polishes here in India. But i could not find them here in Indian Brands, I seriously wish they come out with such lovely colors too.

So i thought of sharing My ELF nail polish that i own and i bought it back in US in 2010, much before i started blogging. I love this color so much, I also own some clothes in this color but I don't prefer to use it matching with clothes i prefer to wear it with some other dark colors like black, brown, blue colors. 

 The shade is from ELF cosmetics Mint cream #00812

I prefer to apply a base coat always before applying any nail polish to my nails, so that my nails remain hard and strong, and they don't get chipped , because it is very difficult to keep nails healthy, so better be safe at first :)
Website for this : ELF Cosmetics
Price : USD $ 2.00
Availability: You have to keep looking for the availability as they go out of stock due to huge orders.
Packaging: They always bubble wrap and cartoon pack all the products, i never had any issues with the shipping and packaging, cosmetics arrive in good condition.
Overall: The color is so lovely and unusual, I got many compliments whenever I wear it . I applied to coats of it in the above pictures, as I don't feel one coat is sufficient to cover the nail. I all ELF cosmetics products , they are drugstore makeup products , the best thing is that they have offers all year long, the availability and varieties are tremendous everyone can find something for themselves, I like their nail-polish as they stay for long and the colors shown on the website are exactly same so nothing to worry about the  colors.

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. are the elf products available in india ?

  2. wow jo! elf nail polish in this colour is very nice indeed =D i also love it and use it most of the time. it's perfect for any seasons in my opinion! I agree with you jo, I also apply a bse coat before applying the nail polish it wil llast longer too. well 2 dollars seems like a nice deal. great post as always love ur views <3

  3. Uniquestar84: Thanks Amy, yes very good and cheap for this quality :)

  4. Gorgeous colour, really suits you! Never tried Elf products before but everyone says good things about them :D

  5. Jessica Beautician: thanks Jessica, I trimmed my nails after this post lol. Now i have to wait till they regrow :))

  6. wow thats a lovely shade.. btw u have a cute blog.. following u now :)


  7. Rekha:Thanks lot Rekha, i love mint shade too :)thanks for following :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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