Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette

 Here is the eye look i created using this "Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette" I so love these colors, I wanted to do some color full makeup, so I took Peacock as my Inspiration for this makeup look!

 So this is the look that i created using my " Coastal Scents Smoky eye 36 colors Palette" and I will be posting my Review on this Palette Soon:

 Makeup Tutorial here :

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Amazing Mixture of colors! Love the green yelow purple brown and all =) eyeliner is perfect gosh i wish i can make such line =D
    great look and effective love ya =) <3 ur really super :D

  2. thanks :) so much for the kind words hun :)


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