August 04, 2011


Hi,  so while i work on the Blog post of My handmade soaps winner!! (I am gathering details and verifying with the other girl ) Meanwhile Here is the exciting news at My end!!
I made Partner MY YOUTUBE VLOG channel

So a Big Clap for me :P I am super happy for it the main reason is that I am partner On My both channels now, The best happiness is to Put The Banner I so love the Branding Option available I love to create new banners and improve on it while i learn, So when i got this exciting partner mail in the morning, The first Thing that came into my mind it was to share with you guys!!! But before that i should Place a banner on my VLOG CHANNEL  So first i placed my Main BEAUTY AND FASHION CHANNEL Banner in the excitement , but in few moments i realized NOoooo This is not what this channel is about so i just pulled up my socks and quickly made my beautiful New Banner, and this is what i had in my mind since few months, I mean the colors from some months I am planning to redo My Blog i am working on it slowly But things are in slow mode currently:) will try to add some fun soon as soon as my planning is done!
Well August is Here, Its raining here In this part of the World where I Live and I love this season except the fact thats the lighting is real bad :D for my videos :)

I will be going On a Vacation next week (whistle for me ) LOL yes!! and this is another exciting news!! So  I am already Planning what shoes ,what dresses etc etc I take along , I think we girls are always worried about these things ;-)  (For 5 days Vacation I have so much to plan for ) and My hubby has no plans lol so casually he says :- pack whatever shirt you like for me :) That's It !! :)))

My sis in-law (who is coming all the way from Mumbai to meet us) and I have already planned what are we gonna shop !! we know a lady who lives in Mountains  :) and makes handmade Jewelery, so we are going to drive to her place to look for some stuff! Wish me Luck!! :)

So these were the 2 exciting News! Happy Happy August Everyone...

Oh ya don't forget to checkout My New VLOG CHANNEL BANNER I cant stop glazing at it.


Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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