Hey Guys,

Here is my quick post on my  FOTD & HOTD.

FOTD:  I am wearing NYC DUO eyeshadow, Wet & Wild lipstick and for a change ELF Bronzer !!

HOTD: Well I have never heard of the word HOTD, If it does not exist so far then I just invented it!! Hair Of the Day!! I am wearing the side french braid with a red clip bow :) I love it ,as  its quick and easy also a fast way to style my hair when I don't feel like using any heating methods :)

 Its already evening here and we are leaving to pick some stuff for home!! Also left a Video to Upload on my BEAUTY & FASHION CHANNEL  It will be Up soon , So before I am back You Guys can watch it !! :)

PS: Lot of color Blocking In my makeup & outfit and I love it  :)

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. hotd?? lol ur so creative yaar :D well done love this look =) <3

  2. Sumitha :Me too I like this hairstyle a lot, Thanks dear :)

  3. Uniquestar84 : Yes I think I created This word HOTD? have you heard of this before ?? I guess :)

  4. love this hairstyle so much <3 u look very pretty

  5. i LOVE the way uve done ur eyes!
    love the entire look,specially the hair :D

  6. Preeti : Thanks much love <3

    FashionPhD: Thanks a lot :) i usually do my eyes this way in everyday life too , and the hair, thanks so much , was a trial :)


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