August 30, 2011

Colors in My closet Outfits

 As promised here are the pictures of the complete OOTDs of the 3 Outfits i wore in My how to wear tights video, there are various ways to wear them as long as you can carry them confidently and you love tights as I do :) Check them out below :) Very colorful and vibrant!! You definitely need guts to wear these loud styles and colors :))

 All the Tights are from We Love Colors,

Checkout My video here,

Most of the Dresses here :

For more questions add me @

 For some reason I am feeling lazy to write each and everything, so if you are my regular follower/subscriber you know most of things in these outfits are from where!! all the videos/ Details are on my YouTube & My Blog
If you still don't find something or Need any details ask me :) I will reply :)

I have been arranging My Makeup desk  so I am lil tired now :) But wanted this post to go live this evening!! so that I can post regularly on time also I will be starting new stuff on My website & My VLOG , I know I badly Missed out my VALA,VEDA plans :( ( because I had very busy August due to some very important things in my personal Life :)) . Hope you guys understand.
Also the request on the Whats in My travel makeup bag video is not done I finally unpacked today everything from my last vacation while arranging my makeup . So I will be doing this request in My next travel, which will be soon :) Thanks for understanding in advance !! But if you just want to see My travel makeup bag i can show you that in My next post as i love it so much :))

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. I dn't like the blue leggings...thy are just not going good with the outfits and your complexion.

  2. Garima D :Its a personal choice :)

  3. FashionPhD : Thanks it is from zara flower prints :) i like it too :)specially the colors on it..


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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