June 23, 2011

Nestal cosmetics

Hello Princesses,

I want to introduce to a Nestal cosmetics and my experience with it,

Here are the few pictures for you to get introduced with this makeup line,

Ok so in my words it is very important have good pictures for a blog for blogging, because pictures speak for themselves to a major extent, so i love to share the pictures with details and swatches of the products.

Now the views,

ABOUT: Nestal cosmetics is a made in USA brand for all skin types and colors, i picked them when i was back in USA.they are dermatological tested .

WHAT I LIKE: I like the sleek and small packaging easy to Cary in purse and during travel, light weight containers and the pigments on the shadow very matte and easily bendable and can be removed easily as well.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I didnt like this lipstick finish even after two or three finish it does-not give smooth complete coverage, since i have tries only this lipstick i am not sure about the other shades and lipstick but this FROSTBITE lipstick which looks so pretty in color actually does bot look so good on my skin and do not give complete coverage,i even tries it after applying a concealer but even after this it does not suit me.

SHIPPING: fast took 3 days to reach my door step in a small sleek package well bubble wrapped.
QUALITY:crayon kohl eye liner is my fav from this live it stays for long hours can be applied in many ways from light to dark and does not smudge, eye shadow great for day wear and dramatic makeup may be i can try these shades for earth day :) next year :) , lipstick i will not recommend anyone to but this shade it is a total disappontment.

OVERALL: Over all some of the products are good make sure before buying the products you read lot of reviews as everyone's opinion changes and also it matters a lot on the skin tone and texture, i will not like to use product again , KOHL linear i will definitely like to use regularly and more often love the midnight color kind of bluish black that very cool and attractive too,also its a very smooth glide on kohl i will love to carry it in my purse regularly, i can easily replace it with my black liners.Since the products are dermatological tested there is no worry of adverse reactions and problems so just if it does not suit you can always change it.The eyeshadow is great as you get trios in one pan!!The lipstick though is very smooth and easily applicable could not satisfy me.

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MY UPDATES: HEYTHERESUGAR GIVEAWAY is closed:winner will be announced soon. not many could answer correctly was a big disappointment and fun too :))

SIGMA POSING DIVA CONTEST ON MY FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/SuperPrincessJo

is going great just a week left to enter i will close the contest on 30th June which is also my sisters birthday :))


Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo
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  1. nestal cosmetics seem nice i absolutely enjoyed watching the pics in this post.. the colors of the eyeshadow is amazing coz i also love the blue particularly hahah and also the lipstic wow what a shade kind of blue towards violet amazing =)

  2. Pretty products. I don't think I like the lipstick color, but it's pretty on you.

  3. thanks gals i love to know everyone opinion too... :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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