June 21, 2011

Beautyuk cosmetics makeup Review and swatches!

 I princesses,

Today i have sever back ache I do not know why, but I am getting these back aches from a week now mostly at evening times, i have started feeling week due to this so i am mostly on bed rest, i do not know if it is temporarily or do i need to visit a doctor soon, well i am just hoping it to be better soon or else i will need to visit a doctor! Pray for me that everything gets fine.... Also if you have any ideas what can be done or what can be reasons do let me know, i will appreciate it,

Well :)) the smiling fact is that i am sharing with you my lovely makeup that i am in love with these days, here are the Pics with swatches for you ladies.

NOTE: Look at the details of the swatches on my finger Tips and Thumb!!

Some Pictures speak for themselves right? :)

So here are the details of the products:

Packaging: Amazing black containers, nice modeling and labeling I am totally in Love! remember? I Love anything in Black so this was my love at first sight!
Shipping: Not even a week to reach INDIA that's quite fast :)))
Quantity:Great quantity, i loved the quantity of baked eye shadows that's like great amount for the price.
Swatches:Just one touch and you can see the pictures how pigmented ,smooth and bright the colors are.
                 Pearl eye liner Rich mahogany: £3.49
                 Baked eyeshadow: Earth £ 3.99
Availability:Available through online order Internationally an din UK in some retails.

OVERALL: Loved the packaging,quantity,quality and price of the products, The brush that came along with the eye palette has loose handle so can't be used!!! i wish it was fine so could have been used sometimes :) but thats ok as i have lot of eyeshadow brushes that i can use, but the question is even if the brush was OK would i have used it as eyeshadow brush??? :)) well NO as it is very thick brush can not be used for a good applicator eyeshadow brush I wish it was thinner :) .Also i wish they expand there business in INDIA so we can buy the products here in store to save on international shipping charges :)without the worry of loosing the package :). I also loved the sleek design of the eyeliner bottle cap it makes very easy to apply the eyeliner,if you a beginner in makeup you should definitely try it out! I will say you get what you pay for amazing quality! i would love to buy more of there products too.

 P.S: Keep a watch on My YOUTUBE CHANNEL for upcoming makeup Tutorial using these products!!

You can checkout there other amazing products too :-
You can find them at :

Web:           www.beautyukcosmetics.com
Twitter:       www.twitter.com/beautyuktweets


Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo
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  1. pretty makeup...i likes the eyeshadow please do a look with this....and your nails look so lovely

  2. the eye liner is so cool! i like the color and also look at those swatches they are so pigmented and shiny! =D cool bargains ;) <3

  3. Thank you i will do the makeup on this it is so pretty :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)