May 11, 2011


So i used VEET again and i wanted to review it since long!! i have been using VEET for years (atleast 4 to 5 years since i was in school) with no side effects, usually people say one should not use hair removing creams due to the effects on the skin, it harms the skin,makes it dark also can cause some burning and irritation, all of my friends infact most of them say not to use hair removing creams!!!
But what if you have to dress up for a party and you have baby hair on your body??and you do not have time to go to a salon for waxing!! will you not change the plan to wearing something else instead of your fav dress ??? sounds sad right??

Yes it is sad,at-least for me i love wearing what i want and never want to change plans...
 well what i do then is use VEET hair removing cream which works fast (only 3mins) quicker then the time i take bath :))

I personally never had any issue VEET and i do not think it makes my skin dark, as i always feel my legs are fairer then my face skin :D

So to start with , for hair removal of FULL LEGS and FULL HANDS i need 2 VEET in 60g weight!!
but it usually is only 1 and half tube that is sufficient for me.

A spatula is required for the even application and it is already included in each pack so if you buy 2 packs of VEET you get 2 spatulas so you can save one for next application!!

Take a small amount of VEET on the spatula and apply it on washed( non oily,non greasy) Clean skin(should be dry ,no water)

If you are using it for the first time apply on a small area and leave it for 2mins...if no irritation or burning occurs you are safe to go ahead and apply on complete area where you want the hair to be removed.

I Applied the cream on my FULL LEGS AND FULL ARMS.
 This is how the empty tube looks, i used 1 complete and half of the second tube.

I Left it for 3 mins and then use spatula to remove the Cream off, first check of the hair is removed in 3 mins,(for me 3 mins are enough) but if you have thick hair you may require some more time( but do not use more then total 6 mins)
And wash it off with lukewarm water (cold water will also do) but lukewarm water will act faster and and will remove the creame even from pores and will leave the skin clean in one wash!!!!

Here is the Pic how my legs looked after the hair removal and wash.VEET leaves the skin very soft and smooth like silk .

Finally its my Personal DIY that i use Astringent after each time i remove hair weather it is waxing,hair removal from arms and legs or even when i do my eyebrows!!!

I used AYUR herbal Astringent with Aloe-vera (+ camphor and mint) for all skin types it has cooling properties and makes skin relax and soothes it.

When you apply astringent never rub your skin,the best way is to use a cotton ball and apply it gently on the skin,it gives so much cooling effect within seconds.

You can also use your hands to apply Astringent just make sure not to rub it on skin apply gently.....

And you are done for 2 weeks with NO HAIR ,soft smooth skin:)

PRICE: IND Rs 40   USD $1 (approx)

PRICE: IND Rs 72  (for 2 tubes Rs 144)  USD $1.6 (approx)

SPATULA (Provided in VEET pack)

Thanks for reading princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Your skin looks so smooth. I'm always afraid to use hair removal. I used Nair when I was in my teens, and it caused my hair to grow out thicker. Did you ever see that result for you?

  2. no dear i did not face any such growth or thickness, regular waxing reduces hair :)

  3. AnonymousMay 12, 2011

  4. omg!! what does the astringent do? i use veet too! but not this kind :) i use the blue bottle! i love it! i will say, my hair does grow back kind of fast but not thicker :)

    1. IT fights against infections , i used veet mostly pink and green :) right but the hair grows back faster compare to waxing but we can avoid waxing pain using this :)

  5. oh i use the same hair remover!!!! =) we r so twnies muahhhh

  6. thank u all <4 love to read ur comments


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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