May 07, 2011

Hello Princesses Updates from India!! A lil bit of My Life...


Heu you princesses,
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the summer time!! I am having a fabulous time of my Life here with my Family i attended 2 Family wedding ceremonies ,did lot of shopping and enjoyed the Indian Yummy Food !
The best part is that i got to dress in Indian attires that i love most!! Like my Lehangaas, salwaar kameez and sarees, i have shared few pics in my previous posts and few are coming up:)

I seriously missed you guys lots, as much i missed making videos and updating my blog, but now since almost everything is done just a week more and i will have all my time for myself i will be more to work then busy family life!!

The best thing is that i got to meet our family(kanwar and my family) my hubby gifted me a car on our first wedding anniversary!!! If you follow me on tweeter you know what i am talking about :) i spoke about it in couple of tweets when we went to test drive and when we were deciding the color of our car!!
We Finally bought our favorite color BLACK in Hyundai Verna Transform!!

Those who have requested me for the pic of The new Car- here it is :))

 Another no makeup Look :) i prefer to wear minimal or no makeup at least 2 days a week :))

Hubby bought this cake as well, also we got lot of gifts from family members ,my day was awesome filled with Love........

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


  1. its blueberry cake thank u saroun:)

  2. You guys look so cute!! And I love your car. I can tell you will have a lot of fun driving it :)

  3. Thank u girl :)so much :) yes we are enjoying the drives :)

  4. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Life in India is so fun and full.I miss it to the core.
    Congrats on getting a new car.

  5. ya it is like this, when we r out we miss it when we r here we crib :) its part of life so enjoy where ever u r:) and thanks so much dear for the wishes :) much love..

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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