May 23, 2011

Fashion Post - What I wear for Summer Shopping/GIVEAWAY update

So the MAC HAUL is coming soon :) as it will take me some time take pics and write about the products.

I went there to pick some shades from the Peacock collection but My bad all good shades were sold out i did not like what was available in this collection so i picked something else that i fell in love at the store :)

Love the customer service amount of products available in the store, Price range is obviously High, but if you use/love MAC you know how good the quality of products are and the ranges available for various skin tone.

What I am wearing:

  • Tshirt- Lifestyle
  • shorts-ARDENB
  • belt-ARDENB came along with shorts
  • sandels-CARLTON LONDON
  • Accessories-Hello kitty bracelet and necklace from SoHo NewYork
  • Shades-Fast Track

Also, As i became a YouTube Partner on My Beauty channel  i will be uploading more new video to My secondary You Tube channel : SuperPrincessjo's secondary Video channel so stay tuned for more and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this channel as well if you like more of  Random and "Day In the Life videos" from me!! i am currently editing a video for this channel will be up tomorrow.

The Winners of My:


Will be announced this week!! All the best everyone, fingers crossed :)

8Th INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY is currently going on, everyone who is member of This site can enter and WIN a jewelry checkout the video link for details on the contest.

So its been a very long post today ;-) i am currently running back to some setup of my home and editing the video for my secondary channel :) C ya guys .Take care .

Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below,

Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. oh my gosh Jo! i'm loving your shorts and also hello kitty bracelet ahah too cute! and the bag! so summery! :D great! u even been to mac lucky you girl ;P

  2. Hey Jo, lovely bag! very bright

  3. @Amina: thanks yes been to MAC n bought some makeup
    @Mai: thanks good for summer i guess...lolzz:) welcome to my blog

  4. @Amina: thanks yes been to MAC n bought some makeup
    @Mai: thanks good for summer i guess...lolzz:) welcome to my blog

  5. i love your glads, and the shorts and the entire look!!! you look super hot girl...

    also, am so glad, you re configured the size of your pics, they are much more browser friendly now... :)

  6. Thank you :) yes i did post smaller pics this time :) trying to work it out more simpler for readers..

  7. I love your outfit, it's very cute for summer! The bag is really sweet too and I like your different coloured nails :D Hoping to see your MAC products in a tutorial or maybe a haul! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  8. love the summer outfit n the bag....would be perfect for the beach in Goa ;)

  9. @JESSICA: u have sharp eyes yes different color nails for matching the bag scarf :) i will share the MAC HAUL with you guys.

    @Gina:.Thank and so true perfect for beach n goa :)thanks for visiting i did not knew u r my blog follower unless this comment :)welcome to my blog

  10. You look so cute!!! I really like your flats.

    Can't wait to see your MAC haul :)

  11. hehhe me like seeing u in Indian scenery. look good , its so bright na ? i wonder how you even could open your eyes :( i always need glasses or a get migraine problem :(

  12. @KrispyTinCan :thank you surely i will share the MAC HAUL :) the flats sre super comfy,i wear them when i know i m going for shopping and have to stand a lot :)
    @Komal: lolz me too looks lil different :) very sunny u can check in the first pic i was unable to open eyes :)

  13. Love your nails :)
    Are you still in India????How is the heat there :)

  14. Garima: yes the heat was bad,it was 44 degree max fro a day :D but quite low from 2 days at it rained after a dust storm . thanks the nails i did a separate post before pretty for summer :)

  15. u look OFFF THE HOOOK!
    i LOVE UR ootd pics =)i'm in loveee with this comfy outfit of urz =) super cute <3

  16. Gangstagirl16g: thanks a lot nancy :) an di love your comments on my OOTDs :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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