May 11, 2011


Hello Princesses,

Hope you all are having a fab week, i am busy with life settling here that requires me lot of effort to look for places to shop and get my requirements here, which is very tiring , but lot of fun but shopping is not easy though!!!
Well recently i picked my most desired mirror and today i picked my most desired light lamp which i may require at times of bad lighting ,i fixed two natural day light lights in my closet room  :) how exciting:P and after fixing these two lights i don't think i will need any table lamp but i also bought a table lamp,to be on safer side:P

here are the pics of what i picked today:


  •  PHILIPS Essential 18W Cool daylight
  • Price: IND Rs 200, USD $ 4.50 (approx)
  •  LONG LIFE - 3 Yrs

  • CLAIR COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMP (Which is must for videos), 30W 
  • Price: IND Rs 300 . USD $ 6.50 (approx)
    LONG LIFE - 4 Yrs

MADE IN INDIA no manufacturer mentioned on the lamp,i got it from a electrical store near by .
Price: IND Rs 120, USD $2.50 (approx)

I tried these lights and lamp at the store and bought them but when i tried it at home i am very happy with the kind of lighting i am getting, super excited :) feels good when you find stuff that you search from heart :)

I am doing these updates as lot of my subscribers keep asking me for the details of the CAMERA  i use, lights i use,my setup,editing soft-wares etc.., like i get many questions on "how to make videos on You-tube??"
So when i am busy settling down here after attending 2 wonderful family functions i love to share with you guys what max i can to help you!!
I just bought this stuff so thought to share with you guys!!

Thanks for reading princesses, 
Please leave your comments below,
Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. aww u bought fluorescent lamp! i also bought! they are realyl cool and energy saving! =)

  2. Thanks for the great review! :)

  3. It's so hard to find good lighting, so I hope this will work for you! :)

  4. Natalie: U r welcome hope it helps those who find it tough to manage clarity in videos and struggle :)

  5. Uniquestar84:yes it is energy saving works great i used these in all my videos so wanted it again in INDIA but this time i hope its better then before :)

  6. JessicaBeautician :yes it is...i hope it too did a trial video it was good :)also welcome to my blog :)

  7. oohmygosh the flourescent lights! I remember having those back in my home country! love the lighting it gave :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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