April 21, 2011

The Brush Guard Review

 Hello Princesses,

Hope you all are doing great here is my another review on the product called Brush Guard,This is the second time i have used this product when i washed my makeup brushes!!

I use my brush Guard while travelling to keep my brushes safe as storage purpose this helps to keep the brush bristals safe and clean, i also use them each time to dry my makeup brushes upside down as helps to pull down the water from the brush hair to outside preventing it from spoling the brush holder/handle.

Below are the few pics to share with you while i used the brush guard after cleaning my makeup brushes!!If you want to know how to clean makeup brushes in budget at home check out my video tutorial at the end of this post!!

In the below pic you can see how the water comes out from the brush hair to the mug preventing the brush handles to absorb the water and keeps the handles dry this helps the brushes to last longer!!

If you follow me religiously you must be remembering the video i did on how to clean the makeup brushes at home,i also made my own brush guard for this video:-

Here is the video on How to Clean makeup Brushes:

NOTE: While using the brush guard "never slide the brush guard from bristle towards the handle"

PS: Use the same technique to wash makeup brushes as in above video ,only instead of the home made brush guard you can use this brush guard available for all brush sizes
after washing your makeup brushes you just need to blot your makeup brushes to remove the excess water and then slip on the brush guard, dry the brushes upside down in a jar or glass let it air dry you will get fluffy clean brushes :)

I am enjoying my Brush guard !! if you want your's click here : thebrushguard.com

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


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  2. Great post!! very informative <3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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