March 22, 2011

Superprincessjo's $231 INTERNATIONAL Giveaway FOLLOW Me to ENTER this GIVEAWAY

Goodmorning beauties, i just got up and i just realized , i should do my giveaway on my YouTube Channel!! As i have a wonderful channel and more subscribers (close to 2000 subscribers) on You Tube :) Those who have entered Your entries Still count if You have followed all the Rules, But still you can reenter on my channel to make sure from your side as well, i will be posting the Giveaway On My channel. Hope You Guys Understand :)


  1. All The Best my lovely followers :)

  2. Congrats on the 100 followers hun =)
    Great prizes you got there. I never really win but I'm always supporting you. I follow you on twitter, youtube as well as fb. Gangstagirl6g
    Will do the extra entries as well =)
    Congrats once again.

  3. woohooo. nice giveaway :)
    I've already added you on facebook and youtube.
    my youtube name is POPCKIC
    my GFC is POPCKIC
    twitter name is POPCKIC
    I also tweeted you :)

    awesome prizes! :) good luck to everyone.

  4. wow that a big giveaway :)
    i follow your blog in google by
    ruth carrillo

    i follow!/Superprincessjo twitter !

    my twitter!/mmilyy

    i follow

    my facebook Ruth J Carrillo

    i subbed

    my youtube is

  5. great going girls, all the best everybody.:) and thank you all you liked my giveaway :) prizes.

  6. Hi Jo , Its Tarsha :)
    I subbed to you on YouTube
    Twitter and Blogger - MakeupByTarsha
    I made a Video telling all my subscribers to Enter-

    Tweeted your Giveaway- MakeupbyTarsha
    And i liked your FB Page ! xo

  7. wow congrats on 100 followers :)

    * GFC: zunaixa
    * ZunairaAli
    ** Additional Entries:
    * Youtube: Zunaixa
    * RT link:!/ZunairaAli/status/50177835519848449
    * Facebook: Zunaira Ali
    * A YouTube Shoutout: I will do it soon :)

  8. Congratulations on your 100+ followers.
    *GFC : cutibubbli
    *Youtube: cutibubbli
    *Facebook: Farah Yasin Choudhary
    *Twitter: Farah_ych
    also i tweeted about your giveaway in my twitter

  9. Followed via GFC as Saroun
    Followed via Twitter as @msSaroun
    Subscribed to your Youtube as mslynduh

    For additional entries/Points:

    Tweeted the giveaway -!/msSaroun/status/50228982481817600
    "liked" your Facebook page as Saroun Mik
    I blogged your giveaway in my sidebar -

  10. *GFC : jewelryanalysis
    *Youtube: jewelryanalysis

    *Twitter: jewelryanalysis
    yay a giveaway !!! :)

  11. great going girls wish u all a very good luck :)

  12. Hey my best guru! =) here it is :
    GFC: amysoul84
    Twitter: aminasoul84
    YouTube channel: uniquestar84
    FB: amy thewittygirl

    and I follow you everywhere you already know this or should i post it? LOL =D

    I am advertising you everywhere.
    I liked your page in fb.
    :) very generous girl :P
    see ya and cheers to the future winner! =D

  13. love your yt :D
    already "like" your page on FB

  14. Hello! :)
    I'm a follower of your blog:ḾāĐħÃṽỈ
    I followed you on twitter: @madhavikl
    I am one of your youtube subbies: madhavikl

    Additonal points:
    I tweeted about this giveaway: link-!/madhavikl

    I liked your FB page: my name is Madhavi Liyanage

    Sidebar post about your giveaway: link-

    I did a blog post about this giveaway:) link-

    Lastly, I did a youtube shoutout video of this giveaway. link:

    thank you again for another fun giveaway! really appriciate it!

  15. HiYa Jo!

    Awesome giveaway

    I am a GFC follower as ktun
    I am a twitter follower as KrispyTinCan
    I am subscribed on youtube as ktuna
    I tweeted about this giveaway
    I liked your fb as Krispy Tin Can
    I did a sidebar post about this giveaway

    Congrats on getting the 100+ followers :)

  16. Thanks you everybody for entering your entries still count, you can also enter on my channel


  17. Hi i am following you because i am an indian and searching for more and more indian makeup tips

  18. Shruti"welcome to my blog and my you tube channel

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  20. nice giveaway....Jo
    I've already liked you on facebook under the name of Gizzele Alfonso and subscribed you youtube.
    my youtube name is 11gHiEsZeLLe07
    my GFC is 11ghieszelle07
    tnx..and more power to you

  21. all the best of luck! and hope to win hehe I have already liked and added and subbed in your youtube channel and my youtube name is : junemae007 and thanks for keeping up with your subscribers that is great! xoxo

  22. Hi Jo

    I made a google account to join this giveaway.
    I already have u in youtube. I favourite u their and liked it ... oh and i subbed u on youtube my youtube name is : BeeLisimoo
    and thanks for the giveaway.

    hope to win..



love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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