February 07, 2011

You Can Get Celebrity haircut at Home!!

Hey Lovely Followers,
So here is another hair care tip,to trim your hair at home with safety and comfort and with your choice of style!!
I did a long video for the demonstration so this post is gonna be a small post.
But,I would like to tell you in the video to demonstrate you guys i faced the leveler to the camera to show you the leveler and the bubble,how it levels and moves,when you are using it on yourself,make sure to keep the leveler inside so that you can see it better!! I got  a great response for this video thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and messages,i gmail was flooding with messages(at least for me)  10 mails are flood!!!
So after responding i thought for others to update this post!                                                          
Crea Clip, for straight cuts every time,the leveler allows you to cut even cut each time,so don't get frustrated,it can be used on men ,women and children,you can use it at comfort of your home and save hundres of dollars.
Check out the video for demonstration!


 Also i got my most awaited Calvin Klein Jacket today(size is always a problem for me as i wear XS clothes very rarely S ).But ya Cheers for everything,i got 125 Facebook Page likes till today,thats like amazingly fast,my subscribers are growing on You Tube,My Blog is doing good too lot of page hits and followers are growing slow here........ but i hope i get more followers here too..now a days i started feeling that reading then replying to each and every comment is so tough and i get mails on my gmail so yeyyyy!! i love it..feels good.
Thank you everyone for your love and support!!I am so happy that i want to do another giveaway!!!
But then you guys told me that you want the next giveaways after the current ones, so i will wait till 12th FEB2011 to close my YouTube and Face Book giveaway.After the results i will the next one,so FEB is completely a GIVEAWAY MONTH for you guys... So Stay Tuned!!

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

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