February 26, 2011


 Hey Guys,

Here is a small update  on My Giveaways there are two giveaway going on currently, i really wish to have huge participation on these that makes me feel that you guys like my videos and want to interact and join my channel!

1)One Giveaway you can win a Fantasy Jewelery $25 Gift Card so that you can pick a Jewelery of your choice from the site.

2)Second giveaway is on Crea Clip hair cutting set you can win,so save lot of money :)

Here are the Video For you to join!!

I would really appreciate if you can Tweet and Face book or Blog Post my Giveaway!!

Another exciting thing is that i got New Coloured contact lenses.
This is how they look on me:) So you are gonna see the FIRST LOOK of my eyes after i wore them:)

 I loved these dolly effect,circle lenses they are super comfortable,super soft and look natural!
What you guys think about them?

The contact lenses are from GEO coloured lenses ,
They are called Nudy Quarter.
100% Authentic
Price: £ 20.90
Discounted Price : £ 13.90
ISO certified

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

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