February 05, 2011

Happy BirthDay To Love of my LIFE

Hi guys,
Hope you all are having fun, well i have been sick for 2 days with severe headache and fever but feeling much better now . I get these bad headaches once in while but really don't know why may be its because of the cold weather , but what i think is ,its due to the wisdom tooth that i am getting from years and still its not out completely ,i consulted a dentist,he said there is a small skin covering my wisdom tooth so when it grows it pushes that skin(jaw skin) and i get that pain.Dentist gave me medicine for tooth ache .But there is nothing that can be done for this as of now they want to give some-more time to my wisdom tooth to grow so i have to bear the pain till its completely out. He said if finally it comes out ,but the covering skin still doesn't move then he has to do a minor operation to cut the skin so that i tooth comes out fully fledged.I am so scared to do that as i am so scared of dentist's instruments and tools.I hate that drilling sound so badly it makes me cry .
Hope if i bear little more pain it gets fine by itself.Well as of now the two days show is passed and i am better now.Back to my smiling face :).

Finally today 4th FEB is my sweethearts Birthday ,i wish him a very happy birthday and i love him beyond Infinity.

 Here is a our pick for you guys :) For the first time ever.....

Update you soon with more Guys!!

Thanks for reading 
Luv you all 


  1. Happy Birthday to him and hope you feel better.
    Lovely pic =)You guys compliment each other

  2. Happy B'day Jiju... May God bless you... & obviously made for each other couple :o)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)