January 28, 2011

Shave and Moisturize-Oliveology Shave Gel

 Hey everyone,
So if you have watched my recent video you already know what is this post about.
Oliveology is 100% natural made with extra virgin olive oil.It can be used for men and women both.
Oliveology's Shave Gel is an 100% All-Natural formula.
Unscented, uncolored - It gives you a smooth, safe, fast and even moisturizing shave.

=== What Are the Ingredients? ===

Purified water, olive oil, denatured alcohol (from corn), glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose (from cotton) isopropyl myristate (from coconut oil), vitamin E, aloe vera, sangre de grado extract, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate.

Company Website: http://www.oliveology.com/


More benefits
  • + 100% All Natural - Made with Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.
  • + Easy To Use - A fast, easy and economical solution to obtaining 'A Perfect Shave'.
  • + Extends life of blade - Oil lubricants in Oliveology keep razors from dulling or rusting.
  • + High Lubricity - Helps razors cleanly slice the hair shaft, reducing ingrown hairs.
  • + Conditions - Natural conditioners soften coarse hairs to reduce razor drag.
My Hubby and I tried this out for about 2 WEEKS before filming this review so that even if any possible men watching this video are aware how the product works on men!

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  1. Where is it available in india ?


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