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August 27, 2014

Bella Box Summer Fresh August 2014 Review & Whats Inside My Beauty Box

Bella Box Summer Fresh August 2014 Review & Whats Inside My Beauty Box

I have been MIA from my blog, for a month now, those of you watch my vlogs HERE may already know, I lost both of my grandparents in July within a weeks time. I have never lost someone so close to me in my entire life, I was shocked and shattered and too emotional thinking so much about life and other things.

I had to do a lot of blog posts but I was really very low to even open my blog.

Life moves on and the beautiful people always live with us in our hearts,as much as I will miss my grandparents all my life, I would love to take life more positively and enjoy every moment and value every person I meet, because life is too short to have any regrets .

I thought to share with you my little happiness bundle my Singapore August Bella box beauty box.
It's called-August 2014: Summer Fresh edition. Let’s go!

Lets get to the awesomeness of this month's Bella Box ,I clicked the open box pics for you guys, I have already tried a lot of these Beauty products and these little things give me so much good feel.

This Month I was surprised to see the bella Box delivered in this cute Go Green Brown Bag.

There were so much products that everything did not fit inside the cute polka dot blue bella box so some products were kept inside the brown bag on top of bella box Singapore.

Products In My August Bella Box :
  • Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner 475ml/$14.90 each
  • Sleek Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal 4g/$14
  • UV AQUA WHITE STARTED KIT Toner-150ml/$15.90, Serum-30ml/$25.90,cc Cream-30ml/$28.90
  • Laneige Water Bank Essence EX 60ml/$60
  • Bonus: Tealy Premium Tea 
  • Bonus: Kneipp Body Care- Body Oil 200ml/$22.90 ,Body Wash 200ml/$14.90 & Body Lotion 200ml/$34.90

I absolutely loved every product in the box, I loved the water melon fresh packing, and every product shows how well it has been hand picked keeping in mind the summer fresh theme.

If you want to see me using these products and my opinion about these beauty products follow me on
YouTube HERE

I have already talked about some of these products/Review In My recent Beauty Channel videos HERE

Seeing these great beauty new products in my August Bella Box makes me wonder, more about what's going to be in my September Bella box, can't wait to see and reveal... I hope there are some awesome hair care products for summer this time ;)

P.S:- I have this weird wisdom tooth ache from 4 days,I am feeling headache and feverish this is making my entire left side of the face numb, I am too scared to visit the dentist , One because wisdom tooth extraction is so painful operation last time 3 years back I got my right side wisdom tooth extracted in India it was a minor operation it had that local anesthesia, medicines,stitching and tooth extraction involved with swelling and pain. I remember the cost was 7000 Indian Rupees. Here is Singapore this wisdom tooth extraction cost starts from $500-$1100 SGD. Depending upon your case and the clinic. Damn I wish My tooth ache stops soon, I am really scared to undergo this tooth extraction process.
My husband already was insisting me to visit dentist today!! I somehow managed to avoid it today.
Hopefully things get better tomorrow. Damn, have you ever had this done ? let me know in comments below..

July 07, 2014

Eid Makeup Tutorial 2014 Red Gold Eye Makeup Ft. Coastal Scents Hot Pots & Clear Lid Palette

Watch This Video For Eid Makeup Tutorial step by step complete Face Makeup 


Custom Palette: Coastal Scents 12 Piece with Clear Lid:HERE
I hope my Eid makeup tips help you.
Products used in Eid 2014 Makeup tutorial:
Hot Pot - Burnished Wine
Hot Pot - Black Berry
Hot Pot Venetian red
Hot-Pot Flesh tone
Ere Perez Mascara
Hypersharp Liner Maybelline
Duo eyelash glue clear
Colossal maybelline kajal
MAC studio fix powder NC42
Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette
Sigma makeup brushes
Mega Makeup brushes

How To Do Pedicure Step By Step Tutorial At Home ,SuperPrincessjo

I had a very bad and dirty feet for sometime, I spent a lot of time at the beach in Singapore, Siloso beach at the Sentosa Island Singapore.Got tanned as well as all the sand particles and mud got in my nails. I had my last pedicure few weeks ago at the Salon. I wrote about it HERE.

I wasn't satisfied with it, its just waste of a lot of hard earned money when I am not satisfied with the service provided at the Salons. I recently had a very bad experience at the hair salon as well, just yesterday!!! We will talk about it later.

So I decided to get back to my own beauty feet care regimen, I have all the tools to do a pedicure at home, it's just that sometimes, I also need/feel to get a pampering at the salon so that I can relax.
But I always have bad experience at the beauty salons in India and Singapore Both. This makes me to do my own beauty regimen and swear I feel so much satisfied and happy at the comfort of my own home. And I also save a lot of money, it's just one time investment on the beauty manicure and pedicure tools.

I hope you enjoy this step by step pedicure tutorial,on How to do pedicure at home.
This is a easy one, I just add some good aromatherapy oils Like Eucalyptus Oil in my Foot spa this helps to fight foot odor and other skin/nail/toe infections,and fights bacteria and adds moisture to skin.

On My Nails I applied Revlon craving coral nail polish I bought from SaSa Cosmetics Hongkong During My vacation, I will show it in My Upcoming Hongkong Beauty HAUL video

Sandals :
Blush Rhinestone Thong Post Sandals Nubuck

Watch the complete Video To learn step by step pedicure

Also checkout this video On other uses of Eucalyptus Oil and How To make Body spray at home to lighten underarm,fight body odor,whiten skin naturally-home remedy.

July 06, 2014

Summer Collective Clothing HAUL,LOOKBOOK, TRY ON,July SuperPrincessjo

My collective July /Summer Clothing HAUL,LOOKBOOK, TRY ON,SuperPrincessjo
Hope you enjoy this video on how to style summer dresses ,with shoes, handbags,and accessories.
Checkout the video for more details.

I had a very sad week last week, and I felt very low, as my dear Grand father expired, at the age of 95 years, He was very nice person and a big supporter and inspiration to my life, the entire family is very sad for this loss. But sometimes we are so helpless that we can not control somethings in life, like death. He has few health issues from past few years, he got his kidney operated last year, and also has his eye operated few years back. However, He had a natural death because he was very old, even at the age of 95 years he was very joyful ,talkative and concern for his huge family spread across India and abroad.
Everyone is saying he had a wonderful life and he was very peaceful when he passed away, he has seen his great grand children and he finished all his responsibilities before hand. My grand mother is the one who is very very sad, extremely sad, and my dad and other family members are taking care of her back home in India right now. He will be always missed in our lives and will always be in my heart.
Babaji you have been a great support,inspiration and love of my life,I loved you always and will always love you, It's just your body that has left us, your soul and you will always be with us.

I wish to come up soon and meet you again, I will miss your voice, your laugh your talks, but your memories will always remain with me.

I always remembered that every achievement in my life I have shared with you first, you have encouraged,supported and loved us all so much.

May Your Soul Rest In Peace   ......

June 30, 2014

Beauty In a Box Bella Box Singapore June Review Beauty HAUL,SuperPrincessjo

Beauty In a Box Bella Box Singapore June Review Beauty HAUL,SuperPrincessjo


bella box singapore box opening and review,Beauty In a Box Bella Box Singapore June Review
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Bella box sibgapore beauty box june 2014
speciallens contact lenses:Barbie Eye Super Nudy Brown Contact Lenses: HERE

Hugs and Kisses

June 27, 2014

Henna On Hair,How To Apply Henna On Hair, How To Make Henna Paste For Hair Dye,Life ,Planning,Living In Singapore,Aparment,IKEA Update

Ok , so I am pissed off with something, that's in my room right now, I am finding it a lot of clutter and want to redo everything, only when I planned to finally decide to buy new furniture because, I just realized that my life on a foreign land will much more then I planned, and I will have to Live in Singapore as expat for a longer time, which in a way is very good, because I always see the pros and cons of every situation. 

Anyways, I have been living in this rented apartment from 1.5 years (in between I was missing as I went to India for my delivery, just because the entire family will be there with us when the baby cupcakes takes birth, nothing else! )

So when I was in India my husband lived alone in this Singapore Apartment, and partied occasionally with his friends!! So When I came back after close to 9 months, I had to do redo a lot of stuff in home and kitchen. But I was mostly busy with my new born son , so always kept planning and doing a little here and there.

Now I just bought few things for home, but still everything looks hot mess.

Long story cut shot, I need to change this home!! we took it 2 years ago when I was just 3 months pregnant, keeping in mind that my hubby has to live here alone most of the time, and I will be away. But when last year when we should have changed this home, I thought I am quite familiar with all the in and around places and shops and everything like, MRT (mass rapid transport Singapore), Shopping mall, kids play school, Hawker center, seven eleven, poly clinic, wet market, public gym, park etc etc everything is just a step out of home. And having a new born in the house where only we both (my husband and I are baby sitters (parents) ) taking care of everything, this place suited us the best.

But now things are different , a lot of new things happened in our lives and we have finally confirmed to live in this small Island Called Singapore for more time.

So, we have decided to change to a other place , which should be much closer to our work place and a better  satisfactorily furnished or we may take un-furnished apartment and buy all new our own furniture.

Well, I also have to pay a visit to IKEA Singapore , I have been planning since long, but somehow its quite far from my place and we get busy with one or the other thing and miss it out.

So probably today evening when I wash this henna off my hair, i will just take go to IKEA with my baby and have my own time there (and probably order some new stuff that I have been planning so long).

This is how My Henna Paste looked after soaking henna for hair overnight.(Below pic)
Always soak your henna overnight but incase you have less time it is very Important that henna paste is soaked at least 6 hours so that it gives good hair conditioning and hair color.
Henna is mother natures gift to man kind it is amazing natural dye that makes hair grow faster, helps in growth of new hair, gives hair natural shine, helps in dandruff treatment and dye hair naturally.

Check out my other HENNA TUTORIALS 

HERE   Henna Hair Dye For Long Hair Growth How to make henna paste for healthy long hair treatment
HERE   How To Make Henna Paste For Henna Hair Dye, Grow Healthy ,Long ,Shiny Hair SuperPrincessjo
HERE DIY How To :Henna For Hair Treatment Growth, Shine And Conditioning and Hair Growth Faster
 HERE How To Apply Henna On Hair For Beginners,Easy Way,Indian Long Natural Hair ,Rajasthani Henna

ALSO, make sure you oil your hair very well after henna application to avoide any dryness caused by henna on hair , Watch my :-

How to hair oil hair after henna use video HERE 

You also need good rubber gloves to help protect your hands from henna stain.Since you will soak the henna for longer time (overnight) henna imparts it's color very quickly and you need to protect your hair from it.

I use 2 types Of Henna for this hair mask, the reason, it's a new receipe , I already have few henna for hair color receipes on my Youtube channel & on MY blog.This recipe has been told my sister, she uses it from few years, She lived in Jaipur City ,Rajasthan India for a year, and the ladies their shared their henna for hair recipe with her, and she in turn shared it with me.

 Godrej Nupur Mehendi 9 herbs blend:
  • Contains the 9 natural herbs of: Brahmi, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Methi, Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, and Jatamansi.

Ayur Natural Rajasthani Henna

Nescafe Gold and Classic Coffee

My Hair Color Before HENNA.

I applied Henna On hair in circular High Bun to avoid henna and my long hair falling on my shoulders.

Finally I also wrapped the henna covered head with this one time use shower cap.

NOTE: Henna deepens its color after 3rd to 4th day, and with every wash the hair gets more healthier and shiner

This is how My hair looked after first wash and first day inside home, but close to a window!
The color varies and looks more deeper outside in sun!

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